Niina’s story

Listening to people has always fascinated me, so my choice was easy. I was born in Estonia in a multicultural family and grew up in various places from Boston to Dubai to Tokyo. At 15 years old, I started travelling the world on my own in a career in modelling whilst doing online high school. I realised very quickly that my favourite part of the job was discovering cultures, understanding different behaviours, and meeting new people daily. My years of travelling and growing up in international communities contributed greatly to the values that I hold close to my heart – acceptance, non judgment, openness, and curiosity.

I moved to The Netherlands to start my four-year study in psychology when I decided I wanted to fully focus on my studies and commit to my journey as a psychologist. On the side of my studies, I gained practical experience in somatic and resource-oriented trauma therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, communication, and mediation skills (NVC) and Zen Coaching in Sweden, where I felt deeply fulfilled giving trauma-informed sessions by applying holistic and integrative therapy approaches. My curiosity only increased since then and I’ve acquired experience in various therapy approaches which I now use with clients tailored individually.

I am here to support you to live your most meaningful life and feel more connected to yourself and others. The deeper your self-awareness becomes, the easier it becomes to make decisions, embrace life’s difficulties, and live the life that you want in ease, peace and strength.

Warm regards,

Niina Ratsep, MSc

English, Estonian & Russian speaking psyhcologist

Niina is a curious, calm and non-judgemental psychologist that has experienced the colourful life that expats often do. She tailors her style of therapy to the client, using a variety of techniques from different approaches. 

“I believe that therapy is a profound personal journey that reminds us how to be genuine, authentic and honest with ourselves and others.”


BSc Psychology – Erasmus University Rotterdam

MSc Clinical Psychology – Utrecht University

Certified Zen coach – Zen Coaching

Non- Violent Communication (NVC) Conflict Mediator & Instructor – Connecting 2 Life 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Certification – Psychwire

Meditation and Mindfulness Facilitator Certification – Paul Garrigan Mindfulness Training 

Systematic Family Constellations & Trauma Therapy Introduction Training – Svagito Liebermeister, Sweden