Group schema therapy is good for understanding your thought patterns, coping mechanisms and for finding new ways to tackle the difficult situations life throws at you. Read more about schema therapy and group therapy.

Our group therapy will give you a deep understanding of yourself, through the warm and safe dynamic of a group setting. You will build connections with others, learn different perspectives, and grow your confidence in a social context.

Group schema therapy

Schema group therapy is especially good for your if you:

  • Feel isolated, like nobody understands you
  • You miss understanding and validation from those around you
  • Notice using the same coping skills over and over but they aren’t really working for you any more
  • Want to learn what your needs are and how to meet them better

We are currently in the process of starting a new English speaking schema therapy group:

Tuesdays at 18:00-19:15

Start date: TBD

Start your individual intake right away! 

This group is open-ended, meaning there’s no end date to it. We ask for you to commit for a minimum of 12 weeks to ensure consistency in the group. The group meets weekly on Tuesday evenings and we expect consistent attendance. Alongside the group meetings we recommend monthly individual sessions.

The group’s maximum capacity is 10 people. This is a mixed group where all people are welcome, regardless of age, race, gender or sexuality. No discrimination is tolerated in the group.

Due to the nature of the expat life we expect some changes in the group members over time. When a group member leaves a new member may be brought in. This group needs a minimum of 7 members to continue.

The group has two primary facilitators; psychologists Heini & Kristine, who both have completed trainings in individual schema therapy and group schema therapy.

Do you feel like our schema therapy group would be a good fit for you?

To sign up, please first fill in our contact form, after which we will be in touch with you for a short phone call before setting up an intake session. The intake for group therapy will take approximately 3-5 sessions during which we will cover your main complaint, family history and get you acquainted with your schemas and modes.