Happy Birthday Untangled Psychology!

A couple of weeks back we celebrated Untangled’s cheerful two-year birthday with our family, friends, and colleagues. We were all surrounded by flowers, balloons and decorations. The tables were full of snacks, sweets, cakes, and sweet drinks when we gathered to celebrate and raise a toast. We had a toast for Untangled’s two years full of excitement, gratefulness, and growth. We were also delighted to celebrate this year with our freshly grown team and warmly welcome everyone on board.

Image of Untangled Pyschology offices for 2-year birthday celebrations

Milestones are a great time to be looking back on the journey so far. Hence, now looking back, we are feeling thankful for the past two years and for the continuous expansion of Untangled. We are full of curiosity for what the future of Untangled holds.

Thus, feeling excited to see the future growth and community of Untangled, yet so blissful of this beautiful moment and special milestone of two years.

Thank you for all the support and cheers for the two years!

Image of untangled psychology offices for 2 year birthday celebrations

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