Imperfect is the New Perfect

Constantly aiming for perfectionism in everything you do, can have its downsides. When you are repeatedly aiming for an almost impossible ideal, you can accidentally create unwanted and unproductive consequences we have discussed earlier. Perfectionism can also be seen as a generational phenomenon of the Millennial. Thus, how should we be dealing with perfectionism if we are slowly trying to let go of it? 

Embracing imperfection is a good way of just reminding yourself of being human. You do not have to demand only the best ideal from yourself since making mistakes and letting failures happen along the way is the rule rather than the exception for all of us. Moreover, failures can teach you valuable lessons that just might help you to navigate better the next time. Allowing imperfection in your life is also an act of compassion towards yourself. Maybe you have already discovered that ruminating on your imperfect behavior or performance for a long time, rarely helps you in any way.  

Ways to embrace your imperfections 

Accepting our imperfections is not about beating ourselves down by making a list of all of our flaws. It’s about acknowledging that besides our good qualities, we all also have flaws and that is perfectly alright. Being conscious and shifting your perspective on how you see yourself is the first step towards embracing imperfection. Accepting our insecurities, fears, and flaws can help us live meaningful lives.

Sometimes finding the positive side in some of your flaws can help in embracing them. Because ironically, our imperfections are what also make us authentic and relatable. We can often find common ground with others through our insecurities, problems, and struggles. You may connect more deeply with others by accepting your flaws and letting others see the less-than-perfect elements of you. You might even be able to help others using your imperfections. Maybe talking and sharing about your flaws can help others to work with their own imperfections. Additionally, people that genuinely care about you don’t demand perfection from you; instead, they want you to be genuine.

Other ways to deal with perfectionism 

Lowering your standards to a more realistic level for you while avoiding comparison with others is a good place to start with dealing with perfectionism. Sometimes focusing on choosing a connection with the moment or the people around, over perfection can help. You do not have to please everyone all the time, and in fact, it is not even possible. You are also not required to live up to anyone else’s standards of success, worth, or attractiveness. Some people will like you and some won’t, and that’s alright. It doesn’t change your worth as a person. Moreover, surrounding yourself with positive voices and a positive inner monologue can help with critical thoughts of perfectionism. Focusing on getting to a flow state of the moment or a task can also distract you from your critical or demanding perfectionist thoughts. 

“People that genuinely care about you don’t demand perfection from you; instead, they want you to be genuine.”

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