Matt is an international psychologist dedicated to providing the best care possible for his clients. He emphasizes having an open and non-judgemental atmosphere for therapy.

“I treasure sharing in your experiences and value the trust you place in me to help you reach your personal goals.”

Matt’s story

Becoming a psychologist has been my dream from an early age. I can still recall friends and family all agreeing that it suited me perfectly. It has always been my nature to be compassionate and to collaborate in many aspects of life. I love taking the time to consider the options and working as part of a team to find tailored approaches. It is a privilege to be afforded that opportunity in my profession. I treasure sharing in your experiences and value the trust you place in me to help you reach your personal goals.

I was raised in the beautiful Irish countryside and was surrounded by nature at its serene best. It gave me an appreciation for what it means to find peace when the weight of the world seems to be on your shoulders. I made the decision to pursue my studies in the Netherlands and I have felt at home here ever since. I love the international community here, which has broadened my perspective and helped me to become a more culturally attuned therapist. It has been a wonderful education that has taught me so much and continues to do so every day.

My therapeutic approach has been shaped primarily by the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy. I believe in creating a collaborative and open setting that allows you the freedom to express yourself fully, without fear of judgement or reproach. I offer patience, warmth and understanding to my clients, with the promise to always make you feel heard. My goal is to give you the skills to take the best decisions for your own personal circumstances. When the time comes, those decisions will be yours to take and I will be there to support you throughout your therapeutic journey.

Kind regards,

Matt O’Connor, MSc

English speaking psychologist


BSc – International Bachelor in Psychology – Leiden University, The Netherlands

MSc – Clinical Psychology – Leiden University, The Netherlands