Our Psychologists

Untangled is a group practice founded by two psychologists: Heini and Kristine. We offer mental health support for expats and internationals in the Netherlands. We both have multicultural backgrounds, coming from the Nordics (Denmark & Finland) but having lived in the Netherlands for many years. Thus, we have a feeling for what Dutch culture is like without losing what our home cultures mean to us. This feeling is shared by many of our clients, which helps foster connection and understanding between us. 

We have expanded the practice with Joseph Holloway and Seray Soyman. They each bring their own specialty to the practice; Seray adding Turkish and sexology, Joe bringing positive psychology and a queer lens. Check out their stories for more information about them and to see if they would be a good fit for you!

Heini van Beurden, MSc

English & Finnish speaking psychologist

Co-founder & Co-owner of Untangled Psychology

Joseph Holloway, MSc

English speaking psychologist

Kristine Asferg, MSc

English & Danish speaking psychologist

Co-founder & Co-owner of Untangled Psychology

Seray Soyman, MSc

English & Turkish speaking psychologist & Sexologist