Kristine Asferg is a multicultural psychologist with a passion for mental health and community. She is open-minded, warm and brings a welcoming approach to therapy.

Kristine Asferg Danish and English speaking psychologist
"My goal is to support you by untangling your thoughts, understanding your behaviours and giving you the tools to better manage daily life"

Kristine’s story

Although I was originally headed for a career in biochemistry during school, it is actually no surprise to me that I have ended up in a completely different part of ‘town’. Somehow it just never seemed quite right and it was not until I was working with people on a daily basis, that I knew I wanted to change direction completely. So I ended up on this path through the road less travelled, to get where I am now and for that I can only be grateful. Now I often think back and wonder, had my schools offered classes on psychology in kindergarten, I would probably have gotten here sooner!

Community has been the cornerstone of my career, having been an avid volunteer for many years myself. Through these experiences, I have been a part of so many different communities, that I otherwise would never have come across. This has fostered a more open-minded and non-judgmental attitude within myself, which is now essential to the way I approach therapy. 

I am Danish but an international at heart, having grown up abroad and moved around a lot during my life. The international community has always been my home, no matter which corner of the world I have lived, be it Bangkok, Copenhagen or Kuala Lumpur! This means I am culturally sensitive and I share many of the experiences that you will have too. Our common ground is a great platform for empathy to blossom.

I use a range of techniques in therapy which I specifically tailor to the clients needs. My hope is that clients can feel welcome, heard and understood with me, as I am patient, warm and have an old soul.

I want to make space for your peace and for more joy in your life. Whilst I cannot give you all the answers, I can help give clarity when everything seems like one big rain cloud. 

Warm regards,

Kristine Asferg, MSc

English & Danish speaking psychologist

Co-founder & Co-owner of Untangled Psychology


BA – Social Sciences (Psychology and Anthropology) – University College Utrecht, The Netherlands

MSc – Psychology (Conversion) – University of Stirling, Scotland

MSc – Clinical Psychology – Newcastle University, England 

ISST Approved Schema Therapy Training – 40 Hours – Schematherapie Opleidingen 

Member of Nederlands Instituut van Psycholoogen ‘Dutch Association of Psychologists’ (NIP) nr. 235161