At Untangled we love connecting to and working together with others! On this page we want to highlight some of the members of our professional network and share some of our collaboration projects. These people are part of our trusted network and we hope that they can be of help to you when you need it.

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Untangled psychology network


We had the wonderful opportunity to write two guest blogs for Suomalaiset Maailmalla (“Finns abroad”). You can find them in Finnish here:

Ulkosuomalaisuus ja koti-ikävä (check out our similar post Homesickeness in Expats)

Ulkosuomalaisuus ja koti-ikävä

Pandemia ja mielenterveyskriisi (check out our similar post Pandemic and Mental Health Crisis)

Pandemia ja mielenterveyskriisi

Our psycholgist Heini van Beurden was interviewed for Telma-magazine (in Finnish):

”Ehdin jo mielessäni hylätä koko alan”


Leiden United has a wonderful mission of uniting international and local students with each other, as well as helping the internationals adjust to student life in the Netherlands.

We are sponsoring Suomalaisen Naisen Päivät “Finnish Women’s Day” 2021 & 2022 – an annual, weekend-long event organized in the Netherlands to unite Finnish female expats.

Laiffi offers Nordic style massages in the Hague area. 

We are exhibiting at the IAmExpat – Fair in the Hague on 1st of October, 2022.