New Year – New Office!

untangled psychology new office den haag

First of all, our sincerest apologies for the silence! We’ve been busy behind the scenes organizing our new rooms.

Don’t worry, we are still to be found in the same old address, but this time on the other side of the building. The change is at the same time so small, yet so big for us. This is a huge change for our work life as this time we have two rooms – each our own!

The end of the year was long as we were trying our best to still manage our workload in one room, so believe us when we say it has made a massive difference for our lives now when we can actually be present at the same time instead of constantly running away from each other!

Untangled office new

Last year was a big year for Untangled. We are so proud of where we stand today and we are really excited for the future! It was an amazing year for many reasons, but our clients are what made it so special for us. Thank you all who have supported and believed in us along the way!

We are looking forward to showing our new offices to you!

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