One of the Most Important Self-Care Methods: Setting Boundaries

It can be easily overwhelming to try to learn about self-care with so many different self-care tricks and methods going around. What method or form of self-care works for you the best is always strictly personal. Whether your self-care routine includes face masks, foot baths, journaling, or meditating, here’s one method that shouldn’t be forgotten that suits everyone: setting boundaries. Setting boundaries in all of our social relationships is a vital way of staying happy and satisfied in all of our relationships, including the relationship we have with ourselves. 

Setting boundaries is a form of self-respect 

Boundaries are guidelines or rules that specify how we wish to be treated by others by showing what is and isn’t appropriate. A boundary can be a request for someone to change their behaviour, for example by asking someone to lower their voice at you. Or you may set boundaries as a means of self-protection, for example by blocking a phone number or leaving a situation. By setting boundaries we teach others how to treat us. If you are continuously letting people cross your boundaries, without addressing that as an issue, you are teaching others an unfair way of treating you. This way you communicate that your needs or boundaries aren’t as important as others’. Remember that others’ needs aren’t any more important than yours. Your needs should always be your priority and by setting boundaries you are respecting them. This way you honour yourself and can feel respected and safe with others.

The great effects of setting boundaries 

There are different types of boundaries you can set, such as physical, sexual, emotional, mental, financial, and material boundaries as well as time boundaries. With clearly communicated boundaries, it is easier to avoid conflicts and situations that can make you feel uncomfortable. You can conserve emotional energy and improve your mental state by setting and upholding boundaries. You will grow more independent and autonomous with the help of emotional and physical boundaries. Keeping your limits assertive will also make you help foster your self-esteem. It can also increase the feeling of peace and safety besides having more time and energy to do things that benefit your health, mind, and spirit, and make you happy.

Feeling guilty about setting boundaries?

Maybe setting boundaries is something you find difficult or unpleasant to do. If you have never really addressed your boundaries before, then often as a new experience, it can feel more challenging to start doing. However, boundaries are never mean or wrong. By setting boundaries you are not only showing respect to yourself, but also to others around you. You are giving others clear expectations by sharing your boundaries. It’s kind and respectful to tell people what’s okay and what’s not okay with you. Thus, setting clear boundaries helps relationships to be happy and healthy. Your relationship with yourself also evolves for the better if you show up for your needs and take care of those being filled. This will show up in your other relationships only as a very positive thing. 

“Boundaries are about teaching people how you want to be treated”

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