The Psychological Benefits of Creating

Earlier we talked about where does creativity come from, but is creating somehow psychologically beneficial for us? The advantages and benefits of practising a creative task or a hobby have been proven to be undeniable and evident. Whether it’s a more visual, … Read more

Assistant psychologist
Heini Karlsson

Heini Karlsson is a welcoming and compassionate assistant psychologist with expat life experience. When you contact Untangled Psychology, Heini is the first person to greet you. Heini is there to ensure that you are comfortable, safe and informed every step … Read more

Untangled psychology heart shape hand in the sky
New Year, No New Me!

New year, and radically: no need for a new me! On New Years Eve, you might have been part of conversations about resolutions for the upcoming year. It’s quite a habit for many to reflect on the past year and … Read more

Coping With Uncertainty in Life

What should we do when the world feels out of control or our direction in life seems uncertain? Uncertainty is at times a normal part of life, but as human beings, we often long for certainty and information about the … Read more