Easy Breakup – Is It Wrong?

How many of you have found themselves in a situation where you have experienced a breakup but didn’t end up crying on the couch eating ice cream for a month? Did you feel guilt for not grieving? First of all, … Read More

Toxic Busy-ness

“Hey, how are you? It’s been so long!” “I know, I’ve just been soooo busy!” “Busy” has become a common response we get to the question “How are you?” or “How have you been?”. Most of us have probably said … Read More

Independence – the Good and the bad

I’ve noticed that the millennials and gen Z are struggling with independence – but not in the way that you might think. They have become too independent. This generation has been told over and over again how we need to … Read More

network collaboration

At Untangled we love connecting to and working together with others! On this page we want to highlight some of the members of our professional network and share some of our collaboration projects. These people are part of our trusted … Read More

Perfectionism in Millenials

Perfectionism vs. the Healthy Pursuit of Excellence You might think to yourself “what’s wrong with perfectionism? What’s the big deal? It’s good to be perfect right?”  To an extent you are right, because perfectionism has two sides – healthy perfectionism … Read More

Pride & Mental Health

Although in the Netherlands we will celebrate Pride from July 31st to August 8th, June is Pride month across the world! On this note, we wanted to highlight its history, importance and relation to mental health.  Why is Pride important? … Read More

Exam Aftercare

It’s exam period for most of the university students here in the Netherlands – some are already finished and others just have that last push to go. The best of luck to you all! Whether it was five years ago … Read More

The Rise of Burnout?

Have you also noticed that the term ‘burnout’ is popping up more and more recently? Whilst it had its debut in the 1970s, it really came to its height in the 80s – an era that also brings the term … Read More

Lockdown is effecting our mental health
Pandemic and mental health crisis

Thinking back to March 2020 when the Netherlands got their first Covid-19 cases and how no one had any idea what to expect feels so long ago now. I remember naïvely thinking that maybe it would be over by May … Read More