dissociation, depersonalisation
Dissociation, Derealisation and Depersonalisation

I’m hearing these terms referred to more and more lately but often interchangeably so understandably it garners some confusion… So what is the difference then? Well, dissociation is the term we use to generally refer to a feeling of detachment … Read more

personality types and tests
What’s Your Type?

Are you an ENFJ? Type 9 Enneagram? Pisces too? Just like maybe you have, I’ve been curious as to what personality ‘type’ I am and have tried a bunch of these tests myself. “But the last one is your horoscope”, … Read more

self-diagnosis psychologist answers
Is Self-Diagnosis OK?

There’s no denying that with the spread of mental health awareness, there seems to be more and more people that have an understanding of what mental health is and is not. Given that this is the goal, I’d say good … Read more

the world is opening up adjusting to new normal
The World Is Opening Up

The last 1.5 years have been a wild ride. We’ve even been a bit apprehensive to post this, as it never really seems like the right time. But the truth is, we are getting back to ‘normal’ life one step … Read more

Post holiday blues
Post-Holiday Blues?

School, work, university – it’s all starting up again across the country after what feels like a long, rainy summer. Many of us have had to change our vacations into staycations and some of us may have managed to go … Read more

Unhelpful Thinking Styles Pt. 2

In part 1 of this post we talked more about what unhelpful thinking styles are and why they are formed. Make sure to read that one first here! Let’s talk about the last 5 unhelpful thinking styles: 1. Magnification and … Read more

Unhelpful thinking styles
Unhelpful Thinking Styles Pt. 1

The core principle of cognitive behaviour therapy is that what we think and do affects how we feel. It’s our interpretation of events that cause us to feel the way that we do, not the events themselves. Every one of … Read more

plants and mental health
Plants and Mental Health

If you follow us on social media or have had the chance to visit our new office, you probably know by now that we love plants. After a long weekend of arranging, moving and organizing we rewarded ourselves by going … Read more

Untangled office room
We Have Moved!

We have our very own office! Less than a week ago we were desperate. It had turned out much more difficult than we had imagined to find a suitable office space for Untangled. Then out of a blue we managed … Read more