Summer and Holiday Stressing with High Expectations?

Are you feeling stressed about your summer plans or about your holiday activities? Is there pressure to be active and make plans all the time to fill in the free gaps on your holiday?

It can be a greatly positive thing to enjoy your summer to the fullest and make fun plans. But if it comes to a point of stressing about what you should be doing all the time, a change of mindset might be helpful.

For quite many of us, the thought of being able to enjoy the lazy and relaxing summer days has been overtaken by the need to stay busy. It’s quite common to have this mentality since the word ‘busy’ almost comes with a badge of honour nowadays. This mindset can sadly mix up our worth with how much we accomplish or do things. 

To enjoy your holidays and the summer, it is good to remember that your worth is not defined by how busy you are or how much you are doing on your holiday. Your worth isn’t defined by how “perfectly you spend your holiday” either.

Since there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy your summer holidays, you can spend it exactly the way you enjoy it the best. This way you can pay attention to what really matters to you and you can always also alter your ideas! These changes for the summer can be more based on your needs and feelings at a specific moment without intense planning beforehand. 

Addressing your emotional and cognitive needs can be a really rewarding way to relax and recharge your energy. Sometimes just paying attention to these needs can be all that your body needs from your holiday. 

What does enjoying the holidays in your way look like? 

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