The World Is Opening Up

the world is opening up adjusting to new normal

The last 1.5 years have been a wild ride. We’ve even been a bit apprehensive to post this, as it never really seems like the right time. But the truth is, we are getting back to ‘normal’ life one step at a time.

Remember back in spring 2020 when we heard the first news about the corona virus in China and Italy and thought, ok it’s probably going to pass soon? “We can handle a couple of weeks inside”.

But it didn’t and it was more than a few weeks…

Slowly we had to adjust our lives and accept the fact that we couldn’t keep living our lives like we were used to. I know that for me personally, it took some time to adjust and accept this change – if I ever fully did.

Now 1.5 years after that, many of us can say it’s starting to happen; we can finally start to see light at the end of the tunnel. Could it be that we can actually return to our normal lives soon? Yay!!

covid 19 world opening up again

But hold on a second, “am I actually ready for this?” you might think.

It’s totally normal to feel a little bit scared about the world opening up. We have adjusted our lives so drastically as an attempt to keep the virus under control that somehow we have slowly accepted that this is our reality now. Accepting change takes time – it was difficult to accept the changes in the first place, and it will be equally difficult to adjust back to “normal” again.

Here’s a friendly reminder that it’s ok to take your time with this. You don’t have to book the first flight that flies or go to a festival yet (abroad?!). You can slowly start seeing your friends again and just take it from there. There’s time.

How do you feel about the world opening up? Are you excited or a bit scared?

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