Toxic Busy-ness

toxic busyness being too busy

“Hey, how are you? It’s been so long!”

“I know, I’ve just been soooo busy!”

“Busy” has become a common response we get to the question “How are you?” or “How have you been?”. Most of us have probably said at one point or another, or had it said to us even. 

Grind culture’ means that the word ‘busy’ almost comes with a badge of honour nowadays, but why is it cool to be busy? 

Surely it’s not that cool to not see your friends often; to have to pick a date for a coffee with a friend no less than three weeks in advance. It’s not that cool that you never get a chance to catch up on all of those books you want to read. It doesn’t seem that cool to constantly work overtime in hopes of some sort of recognition. 

Somehow we’ve tied up all of our worth to what we do, so much that we have forgotten the importance of the other things in our life. But let’s remember that our worth is not defined by one thing – certainly not just by how busy we are! Our values, our dreams, our goals: they all matter. 

Also, remember our post about how perfectionism is the pandemic of millennials, or how burnout is now more prevalent than ever? It’s not coincidental that we run out of steam when our culture deems you somehow better if you are busy. Nobody can keep this up in the long run!

chronic busy culture

Grind culture is not good for us

So when are we going to start appreciating our free time? Start being proud of working smart instead of working hard? It turns out, time management might actually be cooler instead of feeling proud just because our schedule is completely full.  

It’s time to call this culture that values busy-ness for what it is: toxic! Sooner or later we will have to slow down, and I for one hope that it’s before the first burnout. 

“How are you?” “Good, relaxed!”

That’s what I want to hear. Let’s normalise this instead.

So, how are you?

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