Ways to Ease a Seasonal Low Mood

The seasons are changing! The days are getting colder and evenings becoming darker earlier than before while the leaves in the trees are slowly changing their colours. Besides the changes occurring in our surroundings, sometimes these seasonal changes can also impact our mental health.

The decrease in sunlight can at times lower our mood and impact our general well-being. The impact of the decrease in light is strictly personal and unique to every individual. Some people seem to be more prone to react to different seasonal changes. If you happen to be one of the people who are more sensitive to seasonal changes, here are some tips on easing the low mood.

Usually, it’s a good place to start by being self-aware of the possible mood changes during the new season.

Seasonal low mood

It is good to stay socially and physically active, focus on getting enough sleep and overall take good care of your body during the change happening around. Further, practicing relaxation techniques can be one effective way to calm yourself for the new season. However, sometimes the seasonal change can offer us a new opportunity for ourselves to turn inwards for a moment for some self-reflection. This way, it’s possible to practice redirecting attention towards ourselves and pay closer attention to what we need at a given moment. When focusing on our needs, we can find new ways to seize the cold season. What are the things that usually make you happy or comfortable? Could some of these things make you more comfortable during this season?

When facing a new season ahead, it can also be empowering to look back at the year so far and find gratitude for the past moments. What have you learned so far this year or what would you like to experience in the upcoming months?

Let us know how you seize the colder season!
Seasonal low mood

Note: If the low mood seems to last longer than usual, it is good to reach out for professional help or talk about it with your close ones.

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