We Have Moved!

Untangled office room

We have our very own office!

Less than a week ago we were desperate. It had turned out much more difficult than we had imagined to find a suitable office space for Untangled.

Then out of a blue we managed to get one viewing. We were not too hopeful yet as there were other people who had expressed their interest first. Well turns out we were the first ones to come see the office, and in this market first come first serve applies!

Untangled office plants
Next thing we know we get a call if we want the keys tomorrow!


And then there was an office, but no furniture. As this is our very first very own office, we of course had nothing to put in it.

But time is money, and so we decided to move in the next day.

And so we did.

A couple very long and exhausting days later our office is ready to take clients in! It’s not yet completely finished, but we are proud of what we have made of it.

It’s been important for us to stay true to our values – all of our furniture is bought second hand (remember our post about eco-anxiety? We are on the same boat here!).

PS. Check out our amazing view over Haagse bos!

PPS. This is what you get when you put two plant lovers into business together.

We are so excited to have you over!

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