Where Does Creativity Come From?

Where does creativity come from

What makes someone creative?

You could be guessing that a long time hobby of doing something artistic like painting or writing could influence someone’s creativity. Alternatively, you could speculate it is a quality one either has or doesn’t have when we are born. So, is it a given quality or a learned habit? Both perspectives on creativity may have some truth to them.

A creative person is usually thought of as someone with a lot of new ideas and visions which can represent “out of the box” thinking. Creativity is often also characterized by strong imagination and playfulness. 

Being creative can have many advantages, but what makes some people more creative than others?

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“Imagination is about looking at the world in new ways. Exercising your imagination is a key to creativity.”

There doesn’t seem to be just one magical origin for creativity, but multiple, external and internal ones. There’s not only one specific part of the brain responsible for creative thinking either. Instead, creativity seems to arise from a combination of many parts of the brain working together. Besides our own life experiences, the world of ideas in which we are grown has a lot to do with our creativity.

It appears like only a small percentage of our creativity is inherited. This means we are all capable of being creative or becoming more creative. However, some of us may allow ourselves to be more imaginative than others. 

Moreover, creativity always generates more creativity. Thus, observing, practising or consuming the limitless list of creative goods can expand our imaginative horizons and reduce creative inhibitions. For instance, observing art, theatre, music, photography or writing can all foster our inspiration and creativity.  

where does creativity come from

This makes creativityskill, that one can always nurture and develop further with practice and work. Especially for practising creativity, exercising our imagination is sometimes the key. This can help in the process of finding new levels of our creativity. Thus, if we let ourselves freely discover new ideas and visions, possibly then creativity can be found almost all around us. 

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